Thursday, 26 August 2010


I am sure that there are alot of cat lovers out there who are apalled at the behaviour of the woman who wheeley binned the cat. To be honest I can completely empathise with the lady as some of the cats around my area have a tendency of doing their business in the middle of my lawn or in other peoples' houses.

Last year I joined the millions who have probably ebayed 'cat deterrent' and got anything from cat repelling gel to spikes you put on your fences...I went for the spikes. After a few occasional squawks from the neighbourhood cats as they jumped up and clung on to the spikes they soon adapted. (Like the borg). The next step was the hose adaptor which ended up getting me just as wet as any potential fact the morning after I had set it up there was a huge cat deposit right on top of it! I couldn't believe it. Not only had the cat completed mission impossible getting to the thing without setting it off, it must also have been a contortion artist to get into the correct position to give me the cat equivalent of an 'up yours'. I don't think wheeley bins will appear on ebay under cat deterrent and I know that the lady should not really have done it but when I wander out into my garden on a lovely summers day to my lovely green grass and have to clean up someone elses pet poo, I do sympathise.

It started in America

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